Kitten Instinct DinoKino

To celebrate the screening of Kitten Instinct (Liesbeth Eeckman, pre-Mochi Motion, completed 2016) at the Natural History Museum in Vienna as part of the KinoSaurier exhibition (October 2021-April 2022), above is a hi res image of an apocalyptic landscape from the film. You can use it as a desktop picture, or as background for Zoom meetings. Click, then right-click+save-as.

The short film about a T-Rex imagining a yet-to-emerge lifeform -a kitten!- will be part of a monumental 7-hour film program alongside classics like Karel Zeman’s “Journey to the Beginning of Time” and Jurassic Park.

A still from Kitten Instinct is even on the front page of the museum’s official website. Quite an honor! 🤩