“There’s coffee in that nebula”

Cup can be spotted on the radio studio altar in between the left “On Air” light and the centipede crucifix. Yes, this sounds almost as weird as something you’d see on Star Trek.

One of the props used in previous post’s Lost Talkie is the espresso cup with saucer, designed by Carlo Giannini in the 1970s. The hard-surface 3D object was modelled after the real one, from which I drink coffee as we write.

The original cup came in different colours (white, black and apparently yellow – maybe even others). I’ve seen several mentions of the black variant appearing in at least one of the Star Trek tv-series, but I haven’t yet been able to spot it clearly. S01E06 of Voyager seems to be a hit. In a subsequent scene in this episode the captain speaks the excellent line of dialogue: “Commander, set a new course. There’s coffee in that nebula“. A dazzling website dedicated to Trek in-universe tableware claims the Giannini cups appear in S02E08.