Strident vowels

It’s been a few years since we collaborated with Simon Halsberghe on Kitten Instinct, for which he composed an awesome soundtrack. This year we’re joining forces with him again, providing motion graphics for some of the new releases on his label BXL Records.

Car Dash Fry is the first of several tracks to explore the position of the human voice within a sonic world that’s often perceived to be dominated by machines: techno music.

Simon’s direction has ensured that the visuals, like the music, remain layered beyond the purely sensual hypnotic glossy body horror. The origin of the vocal samples and the video’s iconography bear reference to a whole scientific field of vocal functions (strident vowels –I’ll let you do the googling).

We highly recommend keeping an eye out for BXL’s upcoming work through your channel of preference:

Or if you prefer the less heavy stuff, check out Simon’s Gentle Tapes label instead (Kitten Instinct soundtrack is on there as well)